To schedule an appointment please call 1-757-759-9280 or email: I will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. All massages are 60 minutes with the exception of Hot Stones (90 minutes) You can request for more time or less time for massages which is 2 hour session for the maximum session and 30 minutes for the least session, (prices will reflect the time period; 2x the 60 minutes rate or 1/2 the 60 minute rates). To save time, please if possible, download the in-take, consent and medical forms and have them filled out before the session, otherwise we can fill these forms out when the session begins.

Please allow clear space of at least 7 feet by 4 feet so Therapist can set up massage table. All massage sessions are performed on the first floor or the most convenience mode of setting up massage table. Sessions are timed from the Start of massage to the end which is 60 minutes. In cases of first time massages the filling out of forms will be charged to the timed 60 minutes massage, (it is helpful if clients for the first time download forms and have them filled out before Therapist arrives).

Cancellations are 24 hours prior to the confirmed massage session. If client cancels more than twice, a down payment of half the cost of the massage will be required before scheduling a massage session.

Downloadable Forms



Time On-Site-Rate Off-Site-Rate
Sports 60 min $50 $65
Swedish 60 min $50 $65
Trigger Point 60 min $50 $65

Business hours:
Monday and Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm / Wednesday and Thursday 9 am – 2 pm

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